Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sign the Petition!

May 31, 2008~ Having just returned from the end of the year district breakfast, our Superintendent shared with us his final "soapbox" plea before his retirement. He has done a fantastic job of providing the students with a high quality educational experience with the state of South Carolina's minimally adequate funding process. So he shared with the faculty and staff what we need to do to as responsible educators:

So here is my effort to support him and the students I am bound to serve.

South Carolinians, I urge you to visit Goodbye Minimally Adequate and sign the petition. We need 1 million signatures in order to begin the process of inserting "a high quality education, allowing each student to reach his highest potential" in lieu of the "minimally adequate" verbiage that is currently in the state constitution.

Let the students, parents, Legislators, Congressmen and ultimately the nation know that SC educators have the best interest of our students in mind when embarking on their learning process.

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