Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finals Days of Summer

July 30, 2008~ Well, it happened...the "Welcome Back" letter officially arrived in my Inbox. In the effort to cut costs, my school choose to email first and then snail mail to those that didn't respond they had received. As much as I love my job, I am grateful there are two weeks left before the teacher/staff reporting date. This is the first summer in five years that I devoted to rest, rejuvenation and just plain "no school things". First, I was concerned and I going to be left behind in my position knowledge wise because I did not attend professional development opportunities. Well, I can attest that was not the case!!! Thank you to my PLC's that include Twitter, I was able to be updated with opportunities such as NECC and the Upstate Tech Conference. I bookmarked my favorite sites and starred my favorite blog entries.

Thank you learning networks for allowing me a summer for me and my girls! Oh, family grows from three to five very soon!! Can you hear the wedding bells!!

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