Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year..New Beginnings...New Pineapple!

January 5, 2014~Is it possible..can it be....I am amazed on how "I'll get to it" turns out to be a two year hiatus. It was not my intention but juggling time as a wife, mother, step-mother, aunt, sister, daughter, teacher, friend, co-worker and all the other titles that could be listed here prevented me from my reflections and thoughts. So I find it interesting as we approach 2014 that I begin where I left off.

My Pineapple. 
It is extremely significant for many reasons.
  1. I was teaching sixth grade science to the same group of students that I currently teach 8th grade mathematics. Thereby, I have a special bond with the plant and my students. 
  2. The sixth grade class brought in the original pineapple to propagate during our plant reproduction unit. 
  3. It is the beginning of 2014 and a time of new beginnings (you see the cold snap killed the original plant) 
    Original Pineapple Plant
  4. Everyone deserves a fresh start: parents, students, teachers, etc
So as I begin again with my pineapple plant, I am reflecting on how I can take this symbolism and use it for 2014.

First: Positivity: I have been known to be a positive person, however, lately a lot of things have come in the way of keeping that positive. Keep the positive..there is always a bright-side. I may not see it at the time of occurrence but God has a reason for everything.

Second: Cherish every moment: Growing up I felt like I always had to be doing something and in that I forgot to savor the experience. Savor the moments with my husband, my three girls, my family, my students and my friends.

Third: Laugh and Smile: Recently it was shared that a student (that I do not teach) said I was mean and did not smile. While having a stern reputation as a teacher is not a bad thing, I would rather not be known as the "mean teacher".  

So what are your "pineapples" and how are you going to propagate your new beginnings? I know I am going to take this new year, new pineapple and new beginning to work to find balance. Balance to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and teacher. 
New Pineapple Plant