Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wired Wednesday Mini-Session that flopped..

March 31, 2010~ Getting ready to share a mini-session on Fotobabble I noticed that the volume didn't work on the desktop I was on..or so I thought. A couple of clicks later I realized it wasn't just my computer, it was all the computers in the lab. Ugh! We couldn't hear the recordings and we couldn't press the record button to record our comments. If you have had this issue and know how to resolve, please share. Nothing like sharing a tool to teachers only to have it not work!!! worked yesterday on the same computer...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Caching In On Geography

March 12, 2010~ Got an email from Donor's Choose. The time frame on funding my grant proposal is running short. If you know someone or are interesting in working with Donor's Choose to fund our project, see the link below. I am very excited about started a Geocaching club/group at my school but in this time of budget crisis the money is just not available to purchase the supplies needed in order to facilitate geocaching with the students.
Caching In On Geography

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