Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Preview, Preview, Preview

January 30, 2008~The teacher walks in the door and smiles. She says to me "I used United Streaming today!". Excited for her, I asked how it went and how did the students seemed to respond. Her grin gets a little sheepish as she replies, "Well, I learned not to forget to preview it next time". Why you ask?? The content was a social studies unit on Greece and the video covered the Greek Olympics. Need I say more??

We know our students and what is appropriate for their ages and content. While the content was labeled for grades 6-8 and covered ancient Greece and it was depicted in statues and is better to always view a head of time. Something, I was even guilty of doing (or not doing) once with a Rainforest Video that included a section on Aboriginal life and a mother nursing a child. Nothing vulgar but explaining to a 5th or 6th grader the process is something I would rather leave up to their parents.


  1. Robin,
    You are a blogger with many great ideas. Thanks for visiting my blog. One day soon I hope to Skype you.

  2. Robin- My teachers get just as excited about Streamline and other things when they make them work- but you are so very right to caution folks to preview content. That is our big rule on web content- Teachers are reminded to always preview any web site before using- I will share your experience with our staff and in that way perhaps head off some possible problems. Streamline content is great, but what is appropriate for one group may not always be for another...

  3. Robin,
    Thanks for the laugh!
    However, if I were a parent of one of the students in that class, I wouldn't be laughing. I know in my district there would be a lot of explaining to do. Not only would it be embarrassing having to explain things to the students, but there would also be a lot of explain why this happened to parents. Hey, isn't this what blogging is all about? We can all learn from each others mistakes.