Saturday, December 18, 2010

Classroom Management Carry-Over

December 18, 2010 ~ Recently, I had to take time out of the classroom to be with my daughter as she underwent a tonsillectomy. I left substitute plans that included the seating chart, strategies for the day, content activities as well as extra activities for those that may have finished early.  I was hoping for a report back that the students were good.

Now, I understand when a sub is in the classroom, in lieu of the regular teacher, students do not always behave the best. I am looking for any strategies  that work for you and your students. I am very much a technology infused classroom but when a substitute is there, technology use is not applicable because I am not always guaranteed a person that understands how to use the technology in the classroom.
Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.....

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  1. When I know in advance (at least 24 hours) video my sub plans. (I'm a music teacher and I video "tape" them.) I use my flip cam or regular camera to tape myself going through the lessons with the kids. I tell the sub when to hit pause and when to go back and repeat if necessary. Sometimes, part of the lesson includes one of the kids taking the flip cam and recording the work they've done for the day. I also have the kids leave any questions they haven't had answered on sticky notes.

    To leave this for the sub, I put them on a shared drive or leave myself logged on. I put a sticky note with "video plans here" pointing to the folder and all they have to do is click for each class. My colleague across the hall is "on call" and most of the kids know what to do if the sub really can't handle the clicking. (I teach K-8).

    This, in addition to short descriptions of each lesson for the sub, seems to work fairly well. I've taught entire songs and instrument parts this way.

    Give it a try! You'll love it.