Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blogging with my Students

September 29, 2010~ I am in the infancy of blogging with my students. We are using the Kidblog platform and iTouches as the vehicle to access our blogs. Students are currently responding to my posts. My next step will be having the students creating their own blogs as a reflection tool for activities, content and learning that is happening in and out of the content classroom. Students are doing remarkably well considering we have used the iTouches to blog only twice (and once was a shortened early release day with weather causing us Internet interruptions).The students and I are excited about the future use of blogging in the classroom.

If you currently blog with your students, please share some experiences. I am looking to be proactive to any troubleshooting issues, extension to the learning activities or concerns that you may have experienced to better be prepared for my students.

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