Friday, June 4, 2010

New Journey in Life

June 4, 2010~And so it begins..the first summer in seven years that I will not be facilitating a summer professional development opportunity. I have accepted a classroom position in a neighboring district teaching science and social studies in a middle school. I am excited, thrilled and nervous all at the same time. I am looking forward to spending my summer with my family. I look forward to actually having a summer. Prior to budget cuts I had a 210 contract and worked through June. With budget cuts (and the loss of future EETT funding on the horizon and no grant opportunity to continue my tech coaching position), I am now returning to the classroom on a 190 contract. With my family hosting three young ladies (one already in high school and two beginning their high school careers), I am anticipating a summer full of family cook-outs, pool days and of course soccer.

Along these lines my immediate and extended family will be participating in numerous mission trips. My sister-in-law left for Peru yesterday. Thing 2 leaves for a three state mission trip later in June and my husband leaves for Kenya the latter part of June. I will remain at home manning the home front and preparing for a move. Our house should be completed with a closing date in late June as well.

I never envisioned so much change in one summer. House, job and all my girls in high school. I have only had two jobs in my adult career; one as a banker for 6 years and then as a teacher/coach for 13 years. My children grew up in that district roaming the halls, attending field trips and helping others during prep days move, make copies and entertaining other teachers' children. I went through a divorce, a second marriage and the death of my mother with my district "family". Leaving was not an easy decision but one my family needed me to do at this time. I am forever grateful for the opportunities afforded me during my tenure and I am touched by each student, teacher, staff, family, and community member that I came in contact is because of them that I am the teacher/educator I am today.

I look forward to my new chapter and journey in life but am so blessed the Lord allowed me the opportunity to spend time and grow as a person and educator with that district family. The lyrics to I am Blessed by All 4 One feel very appropriate at this time in my life..

"Of all of the places I've been
And people that I've met
A lifetime of memories I'll never forget
I look back with no regrets cuz...

I am so blessed
Yes I am blessed
I am so blessed
Yes I am blessed"

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