Thursday, October 9, 2008

Being a student again...

October 9, 2008 ~ In my effort to diversify my certificate and continue my professional development, I am taking the first of two courses that will grant me gifted and talented certification. While I have taken (and facilited) numerous online courses, this is a course like no other. It is based out of the SC SDE and being facilited through a neighboring school district. The first day of class we were given a CD that contains the entire course. We meet F2F four days and the rest we submit via email. I guess my use of Blackboard or Moodle has spoiled me..where is the Discussion Board to for participants interact learn from our diversity? As it stands now, I only know the few that are taking the course from my school (although there are about thirty in the class) and pretty much we are working on our own. I really wish all would practice what the The Partnership 21st Century Skills are advocating for students with us...what happened to model what you expect????

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