Friday, September 26, 2008


Fifty People, One Question: Restored from Benjamin Reece on Vimeo.
September 26, 1008~ Perusing my reader I came across this interesting video on Libraries & Life a blog by Dr. Curtis Rogers. It was originally posted on vimeo by Benajamin Reece (the creator of the clip). What would you ask for? It does make you think..we have all had those discussions before about "What do you want out of life?" or "What is my purpose" but what about today?? What do you really want to happen today?

Now the teacher/technology coach mode kicks in..what about replicating this type of activity with middle schoolers? What would the outcome be?? Would they ask for something different? I will add this to my wish-list of things I would like to do with students and hopefully it will come to fruition.

However, for today, I want...success..I want all the students at my middle school to experience one moment of success in their life. This is what I want for today!!

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