Friday, February 8, 2008

"My Eyes Hurt From Reading...."

January 8, 2008~Posted one reluctant reader yesterday afternoon on our newly established Moodle Book Club. I arrived at home to quickly check my email and was astounded at the posts to our Moodle site. The students had posted over 30 comments in less three hours. Comments included predictions as to what would happen next and included one student taking the lead and posting what he like best and wanted others to share their best part of the book. Amazing! Considering these students are the ones that do not like to participate in reading during their regular ELA class and the fact they had only had the book for a couple of hours. I wanted to phone the Literacy Coach (Mary Beth Thomas) but decided against it. Let her also revel in the pleasure of discovering the students posts and the caliber of the questioning that was being developed. That she did..I received a phone call while at my daughter's soccer practice that started something like this..."Robin, have you seen the Moodle Board??" At that moment I just grinned and new we were on to something very big for our students.

Questions for me include, why didn't we do this earlier in the year and what book are we going to use next time...Oh, and their will be a next time I can assure you. However, right now my eyes are hurting from reading all their wonderful posts!

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  1. Robin,
    Thanks for sharing your successes! Isn't it great to see the students spark right before your eyes?! Sometimes it just takes finding the thing that will turn their interest. Great news!