Thursday, February 7, 2008

Moodling Around with Book Clubs

February 7, 2008~ We had our initial meeting today. The book club is a group of sixth grade students, the Technology Coach and the Literacy Coach. The book we will be using for the dicsussion is Stormbreakers and Moodle will be our means of sharing. Things went well until I discovered, while we were walking through the logging in process with Moodle, that there was no "reply" button on our discussion board for the students. It is fixed now and the students were extrememely patient having to watch the steps on how to post, etc from my log-in instead of getting to post today. Oh, well, I guess on Tuesday we will have our Book Club Cafe with muffins to make-up for my mistake of not giving them the correct permissions. I know better and should have set up a "false account" to make sure all was working. Live and learn and do better next time!

Anyone else facilitate book clubs via moodle or another type of message/discussion board? I would love to hear how things went in order to make the experience for our students a much richer learning session.


  1. What a wonderful project idea! I don't know much about Moodle, but have been pushing our district to get it. I am not winning on this, but time will tell. Good job! May you can try a live blog for book discussion....Just a thought... Another free service is Yugma....

  2. Hi Robin,
    I really like your slideshow included with this blog entry! Was it difficult to insert? Also, thank for your transparency in sharing your mistakes with introducing a new technology. We can all identify and benefit from our mistakes. I'm sure the students enjoyed a great learning experience! Keep us posted on the next book club meeting.
    P.S. My Google account is a joint one with my husband, thus the Boyce & Cathy

  3. Hey Cathy,
    It was easy to embed the slidehow using gives you the coding to copy and paste into your message!
    Thanks for stopping by!