Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wandering While Writing

June 16, 20009~ I find myself wandering as I attempt to finalize my narrative for my grant. As I organize my data so it can be effectively analyzed for our reporting, I keep getting sidetracked. (Now that is not a bad thing at the moment since I still have a few days until it is due to my supervisor). So let me share what my latest wanderlust is at the moment. It is TweetPsych created by Dan Zarella. Now, not really sure at this point how I could use this in the classroom but personally can see some items that are interesting. For example, my score on the cognitive for education is 218. So does this explain why when I am at a social gathering and feel quite comfortable and confident when I have conversations with those in the educational sector but if my conversation partner is a non-education person I often feel stressed at making small talk?

As for the second graphic below, having just come out of a training session in All Kinds of Minds, I will have to refer to my Glossary of Terms more indepthly to understand about the temporal references and such.

But for now..this looks like an interesting tool and I look forward to more study as to applications in the classroom or perhaps a tool to understand your fellow educator. Hmm...maybe I will run this on my teenage daughters to better understand them??? Think it will work???

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