Friday, April 4, 2008

Book Talk Video Contest

April 4, 2008~ Talk about surpassing my expectations! The Literacy Coach and I put our flyers stating we would assist any students interested in participating in the StoryTubes Video Book Talk Contest and to bring their lunch to a "lunch and learn" mini-session. We expected a few students based on our hall conversations with kids. To our pleasant surprise, we had 25 students come to have lunch with us. Keep in mind that due to our current class schedule, students will have to give up their recess to work on their projects. Amazingly, that wasn't an issue. They are anxious to get started and I look forward to helping them create, edit and publish their book talks...students have already started the planning process with scripts. It was great to see the excitement swell as soon as we announced the details, you could hear the chatter as they began brainstorming on how they would put together their book talks.

I cannot wait to share our final products. Even if they don't make it to the finals and the voting process, they will still have shared some great books and increased their technology abilities. Isn't that what true learning is supposed to do???

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