Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"You Can Get Anywhere from Here"

March 21, 2008~ I have found it! I came across TokBox when I was exploring Tom McGee's Twitter responses to Steve Dembo's Twitterpoll: Where else is your network besides here? This appears to be the vehicle I have been looking to use. We have been funded (by Donor's Choose) for a webcam for a collaboration project entitled "You Can Get Anywhere from Here". Unfortunately, there was a snafu in shipping and I was sent a "nanny cam". A few year's late as my children are older and in school, I sent it back and currently waiting on my new camera to arrive. However, in my proposal, it never occurred to me (prior to TokBox) that I would have conflicts using my web-cam until I sat in on a session where they stated they used Instant Messaging software to communicate with other classrooms. Uh, can't do that in my district as it is blocked. However, with TokBox it apprears my issues of being blocked have been dispelled.

I am looking forward to communicating and collaborating with other classes and welcome users of TokBox to share their insight.

Oh, and yes, email me if you are interested in collaborating. I have four sixth grade teachers that teach four ELA classes a day that would be interested in sharing!

Get your own TokBox at www.tokbox.com.

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